Lightpaper 1.0 Release

Dear Flippers,

Chainflip Labs is happy to announce the much anticipated release of its LIGHTPAPER. This document will allow the community, investors and people interested in crypto projects to succinctly get a less technical overview of what Chainflip is trying to achieve and how it is doing so.

Read our new Lightpaper HERE.

Chainflip is the next generation cross chain DEX that allows users to trustlessly swap any crypto from different blockchains without the need of special software/wallet, collateral, synthetic counterparty asset or wrapped/pegged token. Chainflip essentially brings the seamless and intuitive Uniswap swapping experience beyond just the Ethereum world.

The fact that Chainflip is not a smart contract based platform like the vast majority out there, brings a number of questions and structural considerations around the design that cannot be answered in a condensed document. This Lightpaper was conceived to give the reader a complete overview of what problem Chainflip is trying to solve, the vision, potential product market fit, the different components of its design, and ultimately the solution that was devised by Chainflip Labs. We hope this will make the community more aware of what we believe will be a game-changer in the DEX ecosystem for bridging the different blockchain ecosystems.

Shortly, a new redesigned website will be released, which will contain the following information: Whitepaper, Lightpaper, FAQ, Medium and all the links to our community channels including our new Discord channel that will hopefully help future users even more. We want this Lightpaper to be the starting point for the less technical part of our community to get to know the solution and get more involved before our much anticipated token and product launch.

Native Cross Chain Swaps

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