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It’s hard to remember a time when swapping assets via DeFi wasn’t the norm. The crypto world in 2021 looks totally different to how it did just 18 months ago, before these instruments really found product-market fit. Given so much has happened over the last few years, I’d like to take some time to muse about the past, present and future of Decentralised Exchanges (DEXes): early iterations; the birth of AMMs (and the different types); and finally, an educated guess on the future of DEXes and how cross chain AMMs could further develop the space.

with Tom Nash

Welcome back, I’ll waste no words this week as there’s a lot to do. We’ve renewed the focus for the next few weeks onto getting an internal testnet running. This goal will ensure that we’ve checked most of the larger blind spots related to integrating everyone’s work.

Progress Since Last Update


I’ve been interviewing Senior Devops candidates this week, we’re hoping to bring on someone who has extensive experience running critical internal infrastructure. …

with Tom Nash

Another fortnite has passed, luckily there have not been any major roblox in the past couple of weeks and I have mostly been able to get on with minecraft. There have been a couple of German holidays since the last update, so progress has been a touch slower than we would like, but apparently there are no more days off here til Christmas. Onward.

Progress Since Last Update


Research into range orders has kicked off this week, don’t expect answers too quickly as we need to perform a decent amount of comprehension on the V3 whitepaper and codebase, but we’re taking…

With Simon Harman

Welcome back dear reader to the second edition of the Chainflip Cryptoeconomics series. Every part in this series is paired with its own topic in the new Chainflip Governance Forum. If after reading this you have comments, questions, or things to add, head on over and join the discussion.

To avoid writing a 2.3 million page long article (trust me nobody wants that), I’ve had to break down the discussion of Chainflip’s cryptoeconomics into multiple, limited pieces. I’ll try to avoid jumping between topics, but given the tightly coupled nature of the Chainflip project as a whole…

with Tom Nash

Feels like just yesterday that I was damaging my delicate fingernails in order to produce the last dev update. Nevertheless, I’m back with another nail-chipping post.

Progress Since Last Update


Since last fortnight we’ve successfully closed another engineer. They will be joining us as a Protocol Research Engineer, bolstering our ability to deep dive into some complex topics such as a V3-like range order system, and our swap-matching implementation. We’re now at pretty much full capacity for our protocol team, and the engine is revving up.

Our in-house designer also started work this week, he’s already been knocking out some excellent…

Ah, dear reader. Whether you meant to or not, you have stumbled upon the first part of a series on Cryptoeconomics, mostly related to Chainflip, but be warned: this will get deep. Simon H, [10. If you haven’t got the time to chew through some in-depth analysis, steer clear of this series and perhaps check out the info on Chainflip’s economic parameters in the FAQ.

Every part in this series will be paired with its own topic in the brand new Chainflip Governance Forum. …

We get a lot of questions about how the Validator auctions will work in Chainflip, so this post aims to clear up any confusion that might exist about them. If someone has questions about it, point them here.

It’s worth noting that this post is being released a while before Chainflip is live, so this information may be subject to change slightly. The general gist is likely to remain the same.

What is the Validator Auction?

Chainflip will be secured by 150 Validator nodes that can be run by anyone. These nodes collectively secure the state of the Chainflip internal chain (called the State Chain)…

w Tom Nash

Dev Update Zwei is packed with delicious and healthy information. Reading it may cause your bones to strengthen and the hairs on your feet to grow longer.

Progress Since Last Update


I mentioned in the last update that we were looking to close two more Rust engineers. We managed to close one, but we’re still on the hunt for a senior engi who has some solid production experience with Rust in order to strengthen our practices. We still have a few great candidates in the pipeline and I’m confident that in the next update we’ll have secured this position.

We also…

Welcome to the inaugural Chainflip Development Update. As of today, I’ll be compiling fortnightly notes about technical progress on the Chainflip system. This will serve the dual purpose of charting a rough path through the often-murky waters of software engineering, as well as scratching the persistent external itch for updates.

The structure of these updates will be (loosely) as follows:

  1. Progress since last update (with reference to previous goals)
  2. Goals for the next fortnight
  3. General unstructured thoughts

Without further adieu, let’s roll into it.

Progress Since Last Update

Last update? Isn’t this the first update? Yes! But Simon decided to roll out Community Update…

Dear Flippers,

Thanks once again for supporting the project! We’ve been pushing hard at CHAINFLIP LABS, but I figured enough time has passed to warrant an official update to our community, so let’s get into it.

This update is a big boy, here’s the breakdown:

Part One: The Update

Part Two: Network & Token Rollout Plan

Part Three: Call to Action: How you can help!

Get a cup/mug/stein of your favourite caffeinated beverage and strap in…

Part One: The Update

First, let’s talk about technology. CTO Tom Nash has started churning out fortnightly development updates which you’ll also start receiving. They’ll be posted to…


Native Cross Chain Swaps

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