We get a lot of questions about how the Validator auctions will work in Chainflip, so this post aims to clear up any confusion that might exist about them. If someone has questions about it, point them here.

It’s worth noting that this post is being released a while before Chainflip is live, so this information may be subject to change slightly. The general gist is likely to remain the same.

What is the Validator Auction?

Chainflip will be secured by 150 Validator nodes that can be run by anyone. These nodes collectively secure the state of the Chainflip internal chain (called the State Chain)…

w Tom Nash

Dev Update Zwei is packed with delicious and healthy information. Reading it may cause your bones to strengthen and the hairs on your feet to grow longer.

Progress Since Last Update


I mentioned in the last update that we were looking to close two more Rust engineers. We managed to close one, but we’re still on the hunt for a senior engi who has some solid production experience with Rust in order to strengthen our practices. We still have a few great candidates in the pipeline and I’m confident that in the next update we’ll have secured this position.

We also…

Welcome to the inaugural Chainflip Development Update. As of today, I’ll be compiling fortnightly notes about technical progress on the Chainflip system. This will serve the dual purpose of charting a rough path through the often-murky waters of software engineering, as well as scratching the persistent external itch for updates.

The structure of these updates will be (loosely) as follows:

  1. Progress since last update (with reference to previous goals)
  2. Goals for the next fortnight
  3. General unstructured thoughts

Without further adieu, let’s roll into it.

Progress Since Last Update

Last update? Isn’t this the first update? Yes! But Simon decided to roll out Community Update…

Dear Flippers,

Thanks once again for supporting the project! We’ve been pushing hard at CHAINFLIP LABS, but I figured enough time has passed to warrant an official update to our community, so let’s get into it.

This update is a big boy, here’s the breakdown:

Part One: The Update

Part Two: Network & Token Rollout Plan

Part Three: Call to Action: How you can help!

Get a cup/mug/stein of your favourite caffeinated beverage and strap in…

Part One: The Update

First, let’s talk about technology. CTO Tom Nash has started churning out fortnightly development updates which you’ll also start receiving. They’ll be posted to…

You’ve got questions, we’ve got (some) answers. Here’s the most frequently asked questions about this wonderful project answered.

  1. What on god’s green earth is Chainflip?

Chainflip is a decentralised, trustless protocol that enables cross chain swaps between different blockchains. Chainflip can support any L1 or any future L2 transaction types — it is a general solution for transferring value between decentralised transaction networks. Like Uniswap, it’s a simple AMM, but allows users to swap between assets on major blockchains without any wrapped tokens, special wallets, or specialised software.

2. Where can I get more information about Chainflip?

Here’s some useful…

Dear Flippers,

Chainflip Labs is happy to announce the much anticipated release of its LIGHTPAPER. This document will allow the community, investors and people interested in crypto projects to succinctly get a less technical overview of what Chainflip is trying to achieve and how it is doing so.

Read our new Lightpaper HERE.

Chainflip is the next generation cross chain DEX that allows users to trustlessly swap any crypto from different blockchains without the need of special software/wallet, collateral, synthetic counterparty asset or wrapped/pegged token. Chainflip essentially brings the seamless and intuitive Uniswap swapping experience beyond just the Ethereum world.


Native Cross Chain Swaps

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